WPC Decking Flooring Manufacture and Wholesale

WPC Decking Flooring Manufacture and Wholesale

WPC Flooring is short for Wood Plastic Composite flooring, its also called composite decking, or WPC decking, which made of high quality wood fiber and HDPE, due to its durability, fire resistance, water proof, no-corrosion, easy maintenance, environment friendly and reusable, WPC Flooring has become one of the most popular choice for outdoor architectural decoration, such as gardens, courtyards, swimming pools, balconies, corridors, fences, etc.

Dedicated WPC Flooring Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Sincere Flooring is a dedicated flooring supplier in china, we supply high-quality WPC flooring at competitive prices for worldwide customers. And we also offer OEM/ODM services to meet different requirements. In addition, our WPC flooring is shipped directly from the factory at wholesale price, Now our WPC flooring have been sold to more than 50 countries include UK, America, Canada, Australia, etc, Looing forward to serve more customers from all over the world.

Everything you need to know before buy WPC flooring

Wood-plastic composites (WPCs) are composite materials made of wood fiber/wood flour and thermoplastic(s) such as polythene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or polylactic acid (PLA). which is a durable and economical substitute for natural wood. It is an eco-friendly and recyclable product that combines the benefits of the superior strength of plastics and the natural look and texture of timber.

WPC outdoor flooring is weather-proof, mildew-proof, and low-maintenance, it can survive long-term usage. Due to their anti-splinter and anti-split characteristics, WPC floor are bare-friendly and anti-slip to secure the safety of both children and adults. Available in attractive colors and unique finishes, WPC flooring is suitable for residential and commercial situations, including terraces, balconies, gardens, boutiques, coffee shops, etc.

We Supply 8 Colors of WPC Flooring, Customized colors also available

WPC Flooring red wood color
Red wood color
WPC Flooring Charcoal color
Charcoal color
WPC Flooring Marple wood color
Marple wood color
SPC Flooring Light Gray color
Light Gray color
SPC Flooring Dark Gray color
Dark Gray color
WPC Flooring Ancient wood color
Coffee Color
WPC Flooring Rose wood color
Chocolate color
WPC Flooring teak wood color
Teak wood color

Middle Profile include Square hollow, Round Hollow and Solid

WPC Flooring Square Profile
Square Hollow WPC Flooring

Lighter weight make it easier to carry and install, cheaper than solid

WPC Flooring Round Profile
Round Hollow WPC Flooring

Also lighter weight and easier intall, round structrue actually makes it stronger than solid one

WPC Flooring Solid Profile
Solid WPC Flooring

Heavier but Stronger, Bearing wight better, and Looks more like timber

Surface has Plain, Strip, Intensive Strip, 3D Embossing, Capped Co-extrusion

Intensive Strip and Strip Back WPC Flooring
Intensive Strip Surface and Strip Back

Most Classic

WPC Flooring Intensive Strip and Plain Back
Intensive Strip Surface and Plain Back


WPC Flooring 3D Embossed Surface and Intensive Strip Back
3D Embossed Surface and Strip Back

Anti-Slip and Natural Look

Strip Surface and Plain Back WPC Flooring
Strip Surface and Plain Back WPC Flooring


Capped Co-extrusion WPC Decking Flooing_1
Capped Co-extrusion WPC Decking Flooing

Extra Protection Surface

Standard Size has 150x25mm, 150x23mm, 148×23 mm,146x24mm, 145x21mm, 143x22mm, 140x23mm, 140×25 or customized

  • Width: 135/137/140/145/146/150/156/210/219/222mm or customized
  • Thickness: 12/20/21/23/24/25/30/40/50mm or customized
  • Length: 2-5 meters or customized
WPC Flooring size
WPC Flooring size 1
size of WPC Flooring

WPC Decking Flooring Wholesale Price Capped Co-extrusion
WPC-Decking-Flooring Capped Co-extrusion

WPC Flooring Factory Direct Wholesale Price

  • WPC Flooring Price: 12 – 35 dollars per square meter
  • Capped Co-extrusion price high than other, price: 25-40 dollars per square meter
  • Minimun Order Quantity: 200㎡ per design & color
  • Loading Per 20GP container: around 800 square meters

WPC Flooring Packing and Loading

WPC Decking Flooring Packing with Pallets
Packing Mostly with Pallets
WPC Decking Flooring Packing with Non-woven bag
Packing with Non-woven bag sometime


WPC Decking Flooring Packing and Loading
Packing and Loading

Advantage of WPC Flooring

  • No rot, its won’t rot like wood
  • High fire resistance, flame retardant, self extinguishing in case of fire
  • Weather resistance,suitable for – 40 ℃ to + 60
  • High strength, anti-aging, strong and anti-cracking, we serve 15 years warranty for cracking
  • Easy to maintain, No painting, no glue are used
  • Easy to install, convenient and quick to operate, low laber cost, it also can be installed by yourself
  • Easy to clean, stain resistant, no mold
  • Zero toxic, Environment friendly, 100% recycling, could be easily installed and uninstalled
  • Great Anti-UV performance, very low color fading
  • Waterproof, only 0.15% water absorbing
  • Anti-Corrosion, could be used for more than 20 years
  • High cost-effectiveness. 1/2 to 1/3 of wood cost & low maintenance requirements.
advantage of wpc decking flooring

WPC Decking Flooring vs Wood Flooring

WPC Decking FlooringWood Flooing
Service life up to 20 yearsShort service life and deformation easily
durableweak and easy break
No rot and mildew, no sprinkperishable and moldy
Easy to Maintain and no need PaintingDifficult to Maintenance and Require Painting
Natural look, Various color option, no fadingcolor fade and get old easily
wpc decking flooring outdoor
WPC Decking Flooring
rot wood outdoor floor
Wood outdoor floor getting rot

WPC Flooring Applications

WPC Flooring suitable for residential and commercial outdoor usage, it can be used for backyards, terraces, garden, lawn, balcony, corridor, garage, pool and spa surrounds, walkways and playground etc, it can last for 15-20 years and won’t rot like wood, also it is reusable.

How To Install WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Decking

Installation of WPC Decking actually are pretty easy, prepare the required tools and accessories, you will make it’s down at a very short time and get a amazing refresh look.

Required Materials & Tools:
  1. Composite Decking Board
  2. Hidden Fasteners: Composite Decking Start Clips
  3. Composite Decking Clips, Composite Decking Screws, Expansion Screws
  4. Edge Boards
  5. Composite Decking Edge Trim
  6. Rubber Hammer
  7. Drill
Install Process

Fix the Joist at a certain spaceing, after put the start slip, install the decking boar, connecting the two boards with plastic T clips & screws untill all area are down, at last, set the side panel and fix them with screws.

How much is the cost of WPC Flooring

Typically, the cost for WPC decking is between $4 and $13 per square foot if purchased alone. However, if installation and necessary accessories such as pedestals, joists, screws, and clips are factored in, the cost per square foot can range from $30 to $50.

Price of All Accessories For WPC Decking Flooring Installation

Price of Accessories For WPC Decking Flooring Installation
Price of Accessories For WPC Decking Flooring Installation

WPC Joist:Composite joists are necessary supporters of your long-lasting composite decking, they are also a perfect match on the pedestal.

L Angle Trim:a practical corner decoration that enhances the safety and beauty of your deck. It can be easily fixed with adhesive or screws.

Plastic Clips: It is set to fix decking and avoid lateral movement of decks. This set is easy to install, and it is very effective in reducing movement.

Start Clips: a kind of hidden deck fastener used to fasten the first and last deck.

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